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Latest Luvs Diapers News

Employee dies following P&ampG industrial accident &quotBeyond that we cannot provide any additional details,&quot he stated. The facility, which employs 2200 people, makes such consumer goods as Pampers and Luvs disposable diapers, Charmin toilet tissues and Bounty paper towels and napkins. Read far more on Citizens Voice

Real value in cloth diapers

True worth in cloth diapers You bet, says Lindsay Ross, coowner of Babes in Arms, a child retailer in Calgary specializing in cloth diapers and babywear. &quotThere was a extremely flawed study released in the late 1980s that claimed disposables had been far better for the environment because of the … Read much more on [...]

Latest Diapers Review News

ReThink Review: American Reunion — the Sequel No 1 Asked for Are teenagers nowadays eager to see a teen sex comedy sequel with characters who were introduced when they had been barely out of diapers, particularly when children can see boobs whenever they want on their smartphones? Have we finally had sufficient of Stifler? Read [...]

Latest Cheapest Diapers Online News

Things We Take for Granted: The Time I Ran Out of Diapers… And it was late and I started to sort of freak out since, really, who is a responsible parent and runs out of diapers?! (You cloth-diapering mothers get to stand back and pat yourselves in the back with a saintly and smug expression… [...]

Latest Cheapest Diapers News

Brazilians flock to US to acquire on the inexpensive &quotWe go to the US when a year, stay in wonderful hotels, have a amazing holiday and shop till we drop, and it's nevertheless more affordable than purchasing in Brazil. It's a no-brainer.&quot According to the most recent statistics, Brazilians spent $ five.9 billion in the [...]

Huggies Trumpets New Lower Price, Doesn't Brag About Box Having Less Diapers

Huggies Trumpets New Lower Price, Doesn't Brag About Box Having Less Diapers By Mary Beth Quirk on March 12, 2012 1:00 PM views Huggies doesn't mind patting itself on the back for a &quotnew lower cost&quot on a bulk box of diapers, crowing about the dollar less they're charging clients at Sam's Club. But as [...]

Latest Dry Diapers News

'Operation Dry Bottoms' has this region's small ones covered There were a couple of years of discussion and preparing, then in 2005 Marilyn McKim, Dorothy Swanson and the late Jud Ellertson began Operation Dry Bottoms, a diaper distribution. They researched the need of such an outreach by contacting nearby … Read far more on The [...]

Latest Disposable Baby Diapers News

Child in Diaper Image by Lance McCord We initially decided to use cloth diapers figuring it was greater for child, the environment and our spending budget. That lasted about three months and we had been really pleased with them. Then, Sophia began going to daycare and they don’t enable non-disposable diapers. Oh well, at least [...]

Latest Buy Cheap Diapers News

008.365, on the mend Image by stetted Repairing the elastic on Reese’s diapers is annoying, but so much cheaper than buying new ones. Ms. Low-cost: System shares medical gear Immediately after our mother died, my brother and I necessary to get rid of a nice rolling walker, a sturdy bed rail, a potty chair and [...]

Latest Diapers For Babies News

Community baby shower invites all to give ITEMS Required: Anything a mother would require for her child. Gently utilised or new baby clothes, car seats, cribs, musical mobiles, bathtubs, toys, diapers, washcloths, coats and caps and far more. MUNCIE — Kristy West, mother of four, remembers what it was like … Read a lot more [...]