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Q&A: LAN Skin Care Products?

by Native American Seals/Logos Question by Meimei: LAN Skin Care Products? Has any individual heard of “LAN”‘s skin care goods from France? Exactly where can I get them? Finest answer: Answer by Heide LLAN does not show up, and my specialist beauty supplies don’t know of it either. Are you confident LAN is the only [...]

Are sugar substitutes worse than the real thing?

Are sugar substitutes worse than the actual factor? Sugary foods and beverages are delicious. But we've also learned they can be extremely addictive and, too considerably of them, can take a significant toll on our wellness. These days some of our preferred drinks, gum, baked goods, and candy are accessible in sugar-totally free … Read [...]

I have a question about basic skin care…..?

Query by Buffalo1: I have a question about standard skin care…..? …., so here goes. I’m a male in my mid-50s, and lately my wife has been complementing me on my skin. I often had a very great complexion (blame it on my mom – she was a beauty queen, model, had a promising acting [...]

Nice Kids Healthy Eating photos

Examine out these kids healthy eating pictures: Vote for Chef Solus- Let’s Move Contest Image by nutrition education Please vote for us now at Apps for Healthful Youngsters Challenge-… Or check out to discover far more He’s up for Well-known Choice Award and voting ends Aug 14 9 AM PST… it takes about [...]

Any good beauty blogs that you know of?

by sunshinecity Query by : Any good beauty blogs that you know of? I do not truly care as well significantly about fashion, just like make up ideas/reviews/tips, skin care tips/suggestions/reviews, stuff like that. I know the youtube guru’s but thanks! I do not truly like MichellePhan any longer. I like juicystar07, meganheartsmakeup, thatssociciyo, and [...]

What foods are best for a healthy diet for my skin ?

by Query by ~Le-Le~: What foods are greatest for a healthy diet plan for my skin ? Im trying to consume much better due to the fact all i consume is quickly-foods and junk food,I would like to attempt a two month diet program with nothing but healthy foods morning noon and night any [...]

HELP!!! I’m going to Vietnam soon in a couple days r/o?

Question by ♥ Katy ♥: Help!!! I am going to Vietnam soon in a couple days r/o? I’m preparing on bringing all my skin care essentials & juz a couple of m/u, m/u is not genuinely important to me cuz I don’t put on them much, but skin care is a Must!!! I am worrying [...]

What is the best spirulina supplement on the market?

by tofutti break Question by : What is the finest spirulina supplement on the market? I’m searching for spirulina supplements that are rated high, but don’t know which organizations to trust. Is there a distinction between the pill and powder form? If so, which is far better? Best answer: Answer by jaini gGenerally Spirullina is [...]

Help for dry skin – is it turning sensitive…plz help?

Question by dips: Aid for dry skin – is it turning sensitive…plz assist? Hi, i have a dry skin – actually extremely dry skin. i moisturise it veyr effectively n i scrub it over the weekend. This regime has given me good wholesome n glowing skin for very some time now. However, I have just [...]

How To Lose Weight + Food Tips — Losing Weight The Hard Way – Antishay Q&A

UPDATE JUNE 2010: I’ve lost almost 70 lbs now and have hit my weight-loss objective. My channel has hundreds of videos that will motivate, inspire, and most importantly – TEACH YOU how to Shed WEIGHT – the healthful, permanent, and old-fashioned way. (Diet regime & Physical exercise) Every thing I teach is 100% free. Verify [...]