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health tips for eating healthy, losing weight and becoming a runner?

by Old Shoe Woman Question by Positivitydeepbreathing: health guidelines for eating healthy, losing weight and becoming a runner? I’m 5’5 nearly 5’6 and I weigh 148 pounds. How can I get active to lose weight and have athletic body and how can I get into shape and do running. I haven’t done running and I [...]

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Q&A: What are some healthy eating tips?

by Sifu Renka Question by Anna: What are some healthy eating ideas? I don’t want to lose weight, I just want to be healthy. I’m not asking for tips on weight loss. And j can’t cut out too a lot of carbs for a reason that would take too long to explain. Help? Best answer: [...]

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I cant find points on diet coke?

by timmurtaugh Question by nobody: I cant discover points on diet coke? my dad drinks a TON of diet plan coke, so i decided to attempt the coke rewards program. the only thing is, i have been in many stores and cant find any 2 lieters of diet plan coke that have the red caps [...]

Can my dad prescribe me acne antibiotics?

by babelglyph Question by rayy(:: Can my dad prescribe me acne antibiotics? my dad is an oncologist, and he prescribes me things like antibiotics for stomach aches and anti-constipation medicine and all that, all the time. can he prescribe me acne medication? i’ve done research on acne antibiotics, and it would be less complicated if [...]

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My Skin Care Routine??

Question by Selections will affect your life: My Skin Care Routine?? Im trying a new skin care routine tell me if this is okay for acne prone skin Day ~~~~ 1. Illuminating Face Cleanser 2. Aloe Calming Toner 3. This korean waterbased moisturizer that actually feels light and makes my skin soft. 4. A little [...]

Cabbage soup

Cabbage, frozen tofu, snow pea, carrot, prawn Discover here the motivational day 1 – fruit diet day of the productive cabbage soup diet with added proteinshakes. Video Rating: five / 5

Severe acne?

by [Sugar Rush Creations] Question by Dear Anna…: Severe acne? I have severe acne, well atleast A LOTof blackheads and some(not several) white heads. I use St. Ives Approcote scrub each evening, and I apply a clay mask three times a week. I am attempting to get rid of all my acne in 2 months. [...]